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Medical Departments

Department of Pathology


Pathology department of Xian GaoXin Hospital has been continuing to grow since the hospital was constructed, shoulders the tasks of hospital clinical pathological diagnosis, research and teaching. Its staff ratio is reasonable, and it has strong technical force .it is composed of 10 existing medical staffs, including two senior titles, and has a trained technician team. Ultrathin sections, immunohistochemistry and histochemistry, frozen sections and other technologies can be skillfully operated, and biopsy of various part of the body, cytology examination and frozen section examination, liquid based cytology examination also can be carried out. more than 40 kinds of immunohistochemical staining and more than 20 kinds of histochemical staining have been grasped, which is helpful to make correct judgment for various kinds of complicated pathology

Medical Equipment:

Leica Cm1850  Frozen Slicer、TB1020 Automatic tissue dehydration、CV5030 Automatic cover machine、EG1140 Riki organization package、RM2135 Precision rotary slicer and pathological image analysis system and other advanced medical equipment。

The main services are as follows departments:

1.Ordinary biopsy pathology: routine pathological diagnosis.

2.Ordinary cytology pathology: exfoliative cytology 、fine-needle aspiration cytology for pathological diagnosis.

3.Quick pathology: Using frozen slicer and frozen section technique for the preliminary diagnosis of benign and malignant tumors in a short period of time

4.Immunopathology : Using immunohistochemical staining methods to help the pathologist for pathological diagnosis.

5.Evaluation of the degree of proliferation of tumor cells, to guide the treatment of tumors.

6.ThinPrep liquid based cervical cytology, reducing the morbidity and mortality of cervical cancer in women.

7.Pathology consultation : accept pathology consultation of Shaanxi Province secondary hospitals and regions concerned patients

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