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Medical Departments

The Department Of Pharmacy


The department of pharmacy of Xian GaoXin hospital is an important medical departments, which is responsible for the drug supply of the whole hospital and pharmic technical services, meanwhile assumes supervision and management of the hospital rational drug using. The department is consists of five departments. Namely: outpatient pharmacy, pharmacy, hospital pharmacy of traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy store, clinical pharmacy. At present, there are 33 staffs, including 30 pharmaceutical professional and technical personnel, and all have the licensed pharmacist qualification.

The main functions:

1.A timely manner to provide acceptable quality for clinical medicine ;

2.According to the provisions to manage the drugs in the pharmacy store;

3.Special drugs in the pharmacy store and its using management ;

4.To provide patients with drug counseling services ;

5.Clinical pharmacists step into clinical and cooperate with doctors, nurses closely for ensuring the rational use of drugs ;

6.To provide drugs information for clinical medicine timely;

7.The detection and reporting of adverse drug reactions.

The main technical work norms:

1.The outpatient pharmacy implement the distributing via large windows , one dispending and one distributing and double check system, and be stick to the operate rules of “four examination and ten check”.

2.The department of Pharmacy establishes a " patient-centered" working model of pharmacy management, develops and implements quality management practices of pharmacy .

3. A 24 -hour working pharmacy .

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