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Medical Departments

Department Of Anesthesiology


The department is the important technology force of surgical system in our hospital .It has 44 staff , 3 senior titles, 13 intermediate titles, 3  in charge of nurses and 20 nurses in the operation room. The total operation is more than 7000 cases every year including 900 cases of cardiac operation.

Office facilities:

1.It sets up 11 operation rooms that are disinfected by laminar air and equipped with exhaust system, 3 operation rooms used for heart surgery, 8 operation rooms used for general surgery . 

2.Here are 11 operative beds and anesthesia machines created by German ;

3.There are 11 gas monitors and 7 Philips multi parameter monitors

4.Here are 4 MINDRAY T8 multi parameter monitors, 1 Leica II multi purpose surgical microscope and 1 the third generations of nerve stimulator,

5.Here are 2 imported cassette sterilization pot and 14 imported optical fiber laryngo scopes;

6.Here are 9 imported double operation shadowless lamps and 2 imported single head operation shadowless lamps of which 3 units with automatic camera and display system.

Technology projects:

1.General anesthesia, endotracheal anesthesia, laryngeal mask airway under general anesthesia ;

2.Epidural lumbar puncture entering from the side,  spinal and epidural anesthesia, sacral block, cervical plexus block;

3.The brachial plexus block of various path Guided by nerve stimulator (Supraclavicular ditch road between muscles, ditch road between the neck muscles , ditch road between the axillary region muscles ), lumbar plexus and sciatic nerve plexus block.

4.Controlling step-down anesthesia, Low temperature anesthesia, the anesthesia of silicosis high-capacity lung lavage , the anesthesia of heart and brain vascular interventional operation, the anesthesia of  adrenal pheochromocytoma resection,

5. Continuously and directly measure arterial pressure,  continuously measure central venous pressure,  carry out 6 kinds deep vein puncture approach;

6.We summarizes a set of detailed anesthesia process for hypertensive patients, so that dozens of patients their blood pressure are more than 200mmHg  smoothly are anaesthetized during the operation;

7.We detailedly formulate a set of  anesthesia process to ensure the myocardial oxygen and blood supply for coronary heart disease patients during the non cardiac operation;

8.We formulate the four step method of booster and lower blood pressure.

9.We formulate  the rules of rescue, treatment and anesthesia for shock and critically ill patients  and the methods of anesthesia for the newborn and over 90 years old patients.

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