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The Hospital

The Hospital

Xian High-tech Hospital is a first class level joint-stock general hospital founded in June 2002 and located at south Tuanjie road no 16 Xi’an Gaoxin, the industrial development zone.

The hospital is known for its international emergency rescue center and is an affiliated hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Xi’an medical college and serves as a teaching hospital to Yanan university school of medicine. The national post-doctoral scientific research workstation was awarded by the National Ministry of personnel. The 120 emergency center accept medical insurance from urban residents in Shaanxi province and new rural cooperative medication from 11 cities in Shaanxi province. 
The department of Neuro-medicine has a construction project which will be a key national clinical specialization in Shaanxi province. The cardiovascular and general surgery, the department of gynaecology and obstetrics, medical imaging and nuclear medicine are medical specialization with high advantages in Shaanxi.
The European architectural hospital has an elegant and comfortable environment with a total construction area of 52000 meters square of which the hospital covers 36000 meters square and 45200 meters square for the construction of business houses.
The hospital offers 760 beds. Guided by the needs of our patients, we provide deluxe business suites, three suites, two suites and double standard room which is suitable for low-income people .The hospital has more than 1400 employees with about 310 intermediate and senior professional health technical personnel’s, 52 doctors and masters personnel’s with 5 expertise enjoying special government allowances and a number of famous medical expertise.

48 personnel’s  are in the specialized branch of medicine and other provincial institute in Shaanxi province come from our hospital thus 2 vice Presidents, 1 chairman, 8 vice chairman’s, 10 members of standing committee and 25 members. The medical association professional committee in Xi’an has 2 of it vice chairpersons, 2 members of it standing committee and 19 members emerging from this noble hospital.

We have hosted many different medical professional and national academic exchange meetings and continue to undertake medical education task from the provincial medical and nursing associations. The hospital website has been designed to have online doctor-patient communication column and online registration for guests.

The hospital has 51 departments namely preventive health care medicine, respiratory medicine and digestive internal medicine, neuromedicine, cardiovascular internal medicine, hematology internal medicine, nephrology medicine, endocrinology, general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, urology, thoracic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, obstetrics and family planning professional, women's health, pediatrics, neonatology department, child care division, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, department of stomatology, dermatology, oncology, emergency medicine, rehabilitation medicine,  traditional Chinese medicine anorectal, Chinese medicine, anesthesiology, medical clinical laboratory (clinical bodily fluids, blood specialty, clinical microbiology, clinical chemistry specialty, clinical immunology, serology inspection), pathological department, medical imaging(X-ray diagnostic specialty, CT diagnostic specialty, Magnetic resonance imaging diagnostic specialty), nuclear medicine, ultrasound, heart function, ECG and cerebral blood flow diagram specialty, neuromuscular electrical diagram, interventional radiology department, infectious diseases clinic ,cardiovascular diseases interventional diagnosis and treatment technology (coronary interventional diagnosis and treatment, catheter ablation and permanent pacemaker implantation treatment), nerve vascular interventional diagnosis and treatment technology, hip knee joint replacement technology, intensive medicine, nutrition, physical examination ,blood dialysis room,  etc. There are international outpatient service department, international maternity department and VIP service for international friends who seeks medical attention by providing high quality, efficient and fast service.

Hospital has many ultra-modern equipment’s such as PET - CT, SPECT, 128 row 256 layer spiral CT, 16 row helical CT, 1.5 T double gradient magnetic resonance system, digital tablet angiography (DSA), Digital X-ray machine, heart and abdominal special color ultrasonic, endoscopic ultrasonography, DR, 96 leads electrophysiological and catheter workstations, automatic biochemical analyzer, senior general surgical microscope, electronic sinus mirror, electronic bronchoscope, electronic gastroscope, electronic duodenum mirror, electronic colonoscopy, electronic hysteroscopy, electronic laparoscopic, hyperbaric oxygen chamber and so on, more than ten thousand Yuan of medical equipment 905 units (pieces), the total value of that is 260 million Yuan. The equipment’s provide a reliable guarantee for accurate, timely, scientific medical diagnosis.

The hospital is equipped with 12 clean operating rooms (clean laminar flow operation room) in the department of surgery with 7 of the rooms having a cleanliness level of 10 thousands and 1 room having 1 thousand cleanliness level and 4 rooms with hundred cleanliness level. The air cleanliness level in the intensive care unit is 300,000 and equipped with configuring imported ECG monitor, breathing machine, Cardiac defibrillators and color ultrasonic. Central sterile supply department is equipped with advanced sterilizer, cleaning sterilizer, dry ark and other cleaning equipment’s which are used to provide powerful guarantee for medical infection control.

The goal of the hospital is "health, human eternal pursuit" by cherishing every opportunity to serve and also doing it perfectly each time. The service attitude is based on good team work, quality and experienced personnel’s, advanced technology, innovation and development to build good and high quality hospital by providing quality health care and service for the guests. All the employees are dedicated and self-disciplined to ensure the health care of it patients.

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