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Medical Departments

Department Of Laboratory Medicine


Xian Gaoxin Hospital Medical Laboratory is the trinity of modern medical model for a set of medical, teaching, research and test center. Each subspecialty has the professional person in charge. Existing staff of 42 departments, more than 85 percent with college education, including senior title 5, intermediate grade seven, technicians19, is a young, energetic, vibrant, energetic, daring and innovative team. The department undertake practice teaching work of inspection school graduates from Xi'an Medical University and Yan'an Medical University. 

Bachelor has rummage room (including blood group, body fluids group, hemagglutination group), Biochemistry, Immunology, microbiology room, bone marrow compartment, special inspection room, HIV screening laboratory, genetic diagnostic laboratories and Blood Transfusion nine Asian professional disciplines. Outpatient laboratory: blood specimens 200-1000 / day, urine specimens 200-600 / day, blood clotting samples 50-200 / day; Biochemistry: samples 300-800 / day; Immunology samples 200-800 / day. 

The department has developed a strict management system, to protect patient privacy. Outpatient depending of treatment card or number print inspection reports results with a buffet .Emergency biochemistry project within two hours (usually less than 2 hours) and rummage project report issued within 30 minutes.General biochemical, immunological and rummage items issued a report on the same day .Implemented critical value results reporting and audit and inspection reports signature system.We strengthen institutional links with clinical departments.The findings inconsistented with the clinical timely recheck and contact with clinical . 

Test items carried: 

  1. Routine immunization biochemical tests: such as blood, urine, stool, blood sedimentation, coagulation, blood typing, etc.

  2. Tumor markers: alpha-fetoprotein, carcinoembryonic antigen, prostate specific antigen, free prostate specific antigen, various carbohydrate antigen (CA19-9, CA125, CA15-3), SCC, etc. Specific protein: immunoglobulin G, A, M.

  3. The total complement activity: Complement C3, C4, C-reactive protein, high-sensitivity CRP.

  4. Anemia Series: folic acid, B12, ferritin.

  5. Drug concentration Series: carbamazepine, valproic acid, etc.

  6. Early detection of renal damage index: 24-hour urine protein, microalbuminuria, B2 microglobulin.

  7. Autoantibodies: SsDNA, dsDNA, ANA, antinuclear soluble antibodies,etc;

  8. STD testing: HIV screening, syphilis screening, Mycoplasma culture and sensitivity, chlamydia testing,ect.

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