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Medical Departments

Department Of Medical Imaging


The department is a advantaged medical specialized subject in Xian and a modern  comprehensive  department  containing medical, teaching and scientific research, the director of it is professor Yang Guangfu who is the author of "the science of nu clear magnetic resonance". The department has 44 staff , 3 senior titles, 3 intermediate grade titles, 10 doctors, 4 technicians and 16 nurses and has a variety of advancedequipments, CR, DR, digital gastrointestinal machine , Philips dual gradient 1.5T magnetic resonance equipment, 16 slice spiral CT, 128 rows of 256 slice dual source CT. Technical characteristics: 

  1. It has first-class advanced equipment, can carries out the advanced inspection and has some recognition in domestic;

  2. He whole body routine CT scanning, 3D reconstruction, dual source CT coronary artery imaging, CT perfusion imaging, CT vascular imaging;

  3. He whole body MRI scan, dynamic enhanced scanning, 3D reconstruction, vascular imaging, brain functional imaging, water imaging, spectrum analysis, diffusion and perfusion weighted imaging;

  4. The whole body bone scan imaging, thyroid imaging, renal dynamic imaging, cerebral and myocardial perfusion SPECT imaging and dual isotope imaging, etc.

  5. Tel: 029-88332136, 029-88335019

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