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Medical Departments

Sterile Supply Room


Xian GaoXin Hospital sterile supply room bears the job of recovery, cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and release of all the hospital medical equipment and reused aseptic materials, but also has a storage and supply conditions for the aseptic materials, has become a logistics centre of supply and service of the hospital aseptic materials. Our department in the layout is divided into the auxiliary area and work area. The auxiliary area including staff locker room , duty room, conference room ; the work area including decontamination area , checking the packaging and sterilization area , sterile storage area. There are actually three zoning barriers between districts and the areas are built with buffer. 

Department is equipped with three automatic washing machine, two sterilizer, one ethylene oxide sterilizers, for ensuring the quality of our cleaning and sterilization items quality, advanced equipments and professional staffs allows us to fully carry out the production and supply of aseptic materials.

The department working quality is closely related to the prevention and control of nosocomial infection , directly affect the quality of medical care . It play an important role in the management of medical safety of the hospital, and it is an indispensable important part of the modern hospital.

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