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Clinical Departments

The VIP Clinical Department


The VIP clinical department of Xi'an Gaoxin Hospital is a highly qualified medical team which is composed of senior staff who have professional expertise,aiming to provide quality,efficient,and fast medical services for international friends and people who has high medical needs .Now, the department has 18 staffs, which is composed of 1 senior,1 intermediate grade,3 physicians and 13 nurses. And the department provides 13 beds.

The department has a beautiful environment and an elegant style. The rooms are spacious and bright, warm and comfortable. There are different grades of suites (two rooms, three suites and a presidential suite),which is aiming to provide you with comprehensive, high-quality medical services. The  suites have a master bedroom, sitting room and separate toilet (24 hours hot and cold water supply); comes with a TV, telephone, broadband network, refrigerators and other modern facilities; three suite also has a guest, a main two baths; presidential Suite also has a luxury living room, studio (with broadband network and computer), kitchen (with microwave ovens, etc.), dining room, and is equipped with massage chairs and other leisure facilities. When you are in the VIP department, you can feel warmful, comfortable and convenient as at home. Here has the same clean and comfortable environment as a hotel, and excellent services, which can make you feel at home. Here is also a hospital, there are a number of high-quality physicians and advanced medical equipment. Well-known experts and professors here and abroad can be your medical consultant, who can provide you with high-quality medical services.

The VIP department can give you more personal experience to the convenience and comfort of seeking medical advices, we will provide you with one-stop service, as long as you visit the VIP department, there are elegant nurses to accompany you throughout the treatment, examination ,the admission and discharge procedures. We will make you satisfied with us and your whole family at ease.


1.Diagnosis and treatment of various diseases

2.A wide choice of high-level general health examination

3.Various senior health care and sub-health infirmary

4.A comprehensive medical guidance and medical advice.

Tel: 029-88335020 (Medical Office), 029-88332151 (nursing office).

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