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Clinical Departments

Department of Stomatology


The department is one of the hospital’s features sections, which is a professional team that has strong technology, reasonable structure and high-quality. Now, the department has 18 staffs, which are composed of 3 senior titles, 2 intermediate grade titles,6 physicians , 13 nurses and technicians. The department sets oral receptions, dental special clinic, dental film room, dental cleaning room, dental sterilization room, dental laboratories and dental operating room, which can provide 6 patients diagnoses and treatment at a time.

Currently, the department is equipped with intraoral camera display system,planter,root canal treatment machines, semiconductor laser, painless anesthesia apparatus, painless ultrasound and sandblasting scaler, digital panoramic X-ray machines, automatic autoclaves, digitization dental film and other advanced equipment. Over the years, our medical staff has won praise from the mouth of patients with superb medical technology, rigorous work and human services.


1.Tooth and dental pulp and periodontal disease’s treatment;

2.Maxillofacial surgery and dental care for children;

3.Porcelain crown and bridge fixed denture repair and activities;

4.Orthodontic treatment for children and adults;

5.Teeth whitening and dental implants.

 Tel: 029-88330265

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