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Clinical Departments

Department of Anorectal


Director of the physician Wang Zhongliang,who was Shaanxi "Wang hemorrhoids " third generation , as director of Xi'an Gaoxin Hospital Anorectal that bringing together Liu Bao, Tian Ying and many other well-known anorectal experts , trained a group of skilled, serious and responsible professional team . The existing staff of the departments is 19 people , including three chief physician ,two deputy chief physician , four physicians , ten nurses , 38 beds was setted .

Wang Zhongliang , director of physician was born of a family of traditional Chinese medicine, now known as the " King of the knife ." Long-term precepted by his father - a famous anorectal expert fang linWang, not only inheritting the essence of its academic thought , but forming a unique system of anorectal disease treatment after years of clinical practice . With no way to make a diagnosis and treatment of various types of internal and external hemorrhoid and mixed hemorrhoid, combine traditional Chinese and western medicine, the curative effect was safe and reliable. With the features of Minimally invasive,complete , less pain , short course, less cost , the cumulative cure patients were more than 100 thousand.

The department is equipped with advanced inspection and treatment equipment , such as laser cutter , the entire computer anorectal comprehensive treatment, colon hydrotherapy , electronic graphic colonoscopy , anal function tester and so on.

Business Scope

1.All kinds of hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids , mixed hemorrhoids , rectal prolapse ;

2.Low anal fistula , high complex anal fistulas , rectovaginal fistula , rectal perineal fistula , rectal fistula ;

3.Congenital anal atresia , anal stenosis, each of the anal fistula ;

4.Rectal polyps , rectal prolapse, anal abscess , anal eczema and itching ;

5.Acute and chronic colitis , habitual constipation , anal genital warts and anal white ;

6.Anus and large intestine tumors.

 Tel : 029-88335103 ( outpatient ) , 029-88333083 ( Medical Office ) , 029-88333108 ( retaining Office)

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