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Clinical Departments

Orthopedics Ⅱ


Under the leadership of the provincal well-known college professors, academic leaders and many bone disease experts, we carry out a number of difficult surgeries , some have reached the advanced level .    Existing staff of 21 sections ; which 3 senior titles , 3 intermediate grade, 3 junior titles , 12 nurses , and it sets 33 beds . As Xi'an Medical College affiliated Hospital and the Medical College of Yan'an University Teaching Hospital , while focusing on clinical teaching, we strengthen research tasks and have published dozens of papers .


1)Joint Surgery : including degenerative joint disease , bone necrosis , various types of arthritis , congenital or developmental and metabolic bone disease , neuromuscular disease and so on.

2)Microsurgery and trauma surgery : finger amputated limb surgery , serious injury, brachial plexus surgery , long bone fracture closed reduction and interlocking intramedullary nail fixation, long bone fracture healing and fracture deformity surgery.

3)Bone and joint cancer surgery : the tibia segmental resection of malignant tumors , on behalf of the tibia fibula graft limb salvage huge bone and soft tissue osteosarcoma tumor resection and limb salvage surgery , semi- allogeneic transplantation joints , children with developmental hip dislocation and pediatric orthopedic deformity surgery , arthroscopy , etc.

Teaching and research in the future direction of development :

1 ) Minimally invasive areas:such as carry out a variety of spinal endoscopic disc surgery, arthroscopic surgery ;

2 ) Artificial joint revision ;

3 ) Tissue engineering.

Consultation telephone: 029-88330252 (outpatient) 029-883302153 (doctor's Office), 029-88335163 (nurse's Office),

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