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The expert group of orthopedicsⅠis composed of well-known professors, academic leaders and members of the expert group from the province, comprehensive conquers and researches lumbar disc herniation, and formulates a series of comprehensive treatments. Its existing 23 staffs, including 4 senior titles, 1 intermediate titles, 6 primary titles, 11 nurses, it sets 33 beds.

The scope of business:

1)Lumbar disc herniation: the recovery treatment of lumbar vertebral function is carried out, including the operation therapy, non-operation therapy and interventional therapy. The three steps,are reset through microcomputer control and the balance of lumbar spine, anti-inflammatory and repair.

2)Trauma surgery: limb fractures, joint fractures, old fractures, spinal fractures, muscle flap and muscle bone flap transplantation and function reconstruction, skin flap transplantation, nerve and blood vessel, tendon transplantation and functional reconstruction, disabled orthopedic reconstruction.

3)Hand foot surgery:hand and foot injury, replantation of severed limb or finger, trauma fracture, blood vessels, tendons, nerve injury and repair, functions correction of congenital malformation acquired deformity (such as: syndactylia, malformation, congenital talipes equinovarus and so on), bone tuberculosis, osteomyelitis and other diseases.

4)Spine surgery:various spine trauma, degeneration, acquired deformity, tumor and infection.

5)Joint disease: work in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of bone and joint disease (with the exception of tumor and trauma), including degenerative osteoarthritis, bone necrosis, various types of arthritis, congenital or developmental and metabolic bone disease, neuromuscular diseases and so on. Operation mainly include artificial joint replacement, revision surgery of artificial joint replacement operation failure, osteotomy operation around the joint, a variety of skeletal muscle correction of deformity

6)Minimally invasive specialist treatment range: osteoporosis, vertebral compression fracture caused by tumor . Application of percutaneous vertebroplasty with small trauma, high safety, curative effect.

Consultation telephone: 029-88330252 (outpatient) 029-88335056 (doctor's Office), 029-88335162 (nurse's Office),

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