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Clinical Departments

Department of Chest Surgery


The department of chest surgery of Xi'an high-tech hospital is a professional team that has strong technique power, dares to innovate, and is normative and rigorous to work. Its existing staff is 20 staffs, including 1 senior titles, 3 intermediate titles, 16 nurses, it sets 15 beds. All kinds of operation treatment and comprehensive treatment of common diseases in Department of thoracic surgery can be carried out. Treatment experience of operation and perioperative period is rich with less complications. All the staff are responsible for the patient, from the experts, director to general hospital doctors are competent physicians for the patient, put our heart and soul into service to patients.

Therapeutic range (*范围):

1.Operation treatment of esophagus, cardia benign and malignant diseases;including total esophagectomy merged gastric pharyngeal anastomosis and esophageal replacement with colon for the upper esophagus cancer

2.Operation treatment of lung benign and malignant diseases; including intrapericardial pneumonectomy ,bronchial sleeve resection shaping and pleural pneumonectomy ;

3.Operation treatment of mediastinal tumors and postoperative comprehensive treatment ;

4.Operation treatment of chest wall benign and malignant diseases and postoperative comprehensive treatment ;

5.Empyema surgical treatment, one of them is the treatment of tuberculous empyema of diaphragm displacement,which is an independently developed new technique ;

6.Operation treatment of breast cancer and postoperative comprehensive treatment, including the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer recurrence after surgery; the thoracoscopic treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis;

7.The treatment of various types of chest, including operating repair and shaping of traumatic tracheal and bronchial injury, the operation treatment of esophageal traumatic rupture;

8.The electrochemical therapy of the body surface tumor especially hemangioma, the hepatic carcinoma, carcinoma of the penis.

The characteristics of business

1.Small incision thoracotomy, 5-10cm, do not cut the ribs, concealed wound, less pain, fast recovery;

2.The new operation mode of esophageal cancer can resist reflux and cannot narrow, which has won the provincial science and technology achievement award;

3.Electrochemical treatment is unique and has a leading position.

Consultation telephone: 029-88330003 (outpatient) 029-88335063 (doctor's Office), 029-88335065 (nurse's Office),

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