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Clinical Departments

Department of general surgery


The department of general surgery of Xi'an high-tech hospital is the medical specialty of Shaanxi province, key discipline of the hospital. With the lead of the famous expert in general surgery, chief physician, tutor of doctoral students, the Shaanxi Medical Association vice director of general surgery, general surgery branch vice director of Xi'an Medical, the president of Xi'an high-tech hospital, Ma Qingjiu, who introduces and cultivates a number of general surgery backbones of clinical diagnosis technology. Its existing staff is 26 people, including 5 senior titles, 4 intermediate titles, 15 nurses, it sets 40 beds. The department is full of strong technique power. We have introduced and absorbed a number of domestic and foreign advanced technology, have successfully launched 20 innovative technology, which fills the many gaps of the specialist technology of Shaanxi province, makes the features of general surgery more distinctive, then the technical level of general surgery has reached a new height. Each year more than 800 sets of abdominal operation can be carried out and operation success rate is high, less postoperative complications, which has reached the advanced level in Shaanxi province and highlighted the strength of general surgery in our hospital.

The scope of business(业务范围):

1.Television laparoscopic cholecystectomy, appendectomy operation;

2.Totally laparoscopic radical gastrectomy for gastric cancer and radical resection for colorectal cancer

3. Laparoscopic tension-free repair of inguinal hernia

4.Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery;;

5.The laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery in treatment of diabetes and obesity;

6.Radical resection of gastrointestinal cancer involved abdominal major vessels, pancreas duodenum expanded resection.

7.By-pass technique and disconnection technique of complicated portal vein high pressure merged splenic artery aneurysms, distal splenorenal vein by-pass technique of preserving spleen;

8.Complex intrahepatic or extrahepatic bile duct stone removal surgery, normative surgery of breast benign and malignant tumors

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