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Clinical Departments

Department of Urology


Urology gradually formed a range scale the treatment specialized subject of urinary disease after  the development of more than ten years. Under the guidance of chief physician Fan yuhui who is the vice President of sexology association in shaanxi province, the member of standing committee urology branch of medical association in shaanxi province , the vice chairman and deputy dean of urinary surgery branch of xi 'an medical association set up a new urology work platform. It has 21 medicals and nurses of which four senior titles, five intermediate grades and 12 nurses and offers 27 beds. It has outpatient , ward and in vitro rubble center. To provide help for all patients it set up the Service Centre in outpatient department.

Diagnosis and treatment projects:

1.The urology surgical department in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases;
2.Urinary tract tumors, stones, deformity;
3.Kidney and hydroureter, prostatic hyperplasia, urinary various inflammation;
4.Pediatric diseases such as urinary tract malformation;
5.Urinary system tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment;
6.Sexual dysfunction and male infertility.

Consultation telephone: 029-88332051 (medical office), 029-88333108 (nurse station), 029-88330251 (outpatient).

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