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Clinical Departments

Department of Neurosurgery


Neurosurgery has the abundant technical force and complete equipment. It has 9 medicals and nurses of which one senior title, three intermediate grade titles and 19 nurses , it offers 25 beds and 6 ICU beds and is equipped with fully automatic video card microscope, MRI, DSA and a full set of German imports of surgical instruments to ensure the comprehensive examination and treatment of acute and chronic lesions in the security and the diagnosis and treatment of complicated cases including brain tumor, spinal cord tumor, brain aneurysm, cerebral arteries and veins deformity, trigeminal neuralgia, facial spasm and craniocerebral injury and research on the treatment of severe head injury and low temperature so that improve the cure rate, so we got the praise of patients and the medical peer.

After years of exploration and accumulation of business to carry out the following subjects:

1.The treatment of intracranial and spinal canal tumor: such as the pituitary adenoma, craniopharyngioma, acoustic neuroma, meningioma, glioma, spinal cord tumors, etc.;
2.Intracranial vascular malformation and neuropathy: brain aneurysm, cerebral and venous malformations,the deformity  of the skull base, hydrocephalus, perencephaly;epilepsy, trigeminal neuralgia, facial spasm microvascular decompression;
3.Skull defect and skull tumor surgery and interventional treatment of cerebrovascular lesions.
4.Traumatic brain injury (brain, ventricle, epidural, subdural hematoma), minimally invasive surgical treatment of hypertension cerebral hemorrhage.

Consultation telephone: 029-88332035 (nurse station), 029-88330135 (medical office), 029-88335169 (outpatient).

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