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Clinical Departments

Cardiovascular Surgery


Cardiovascular surgery is a medical characteristic specialized subject in shaanxi province. The professor Yang guang who is vice dean, Dr. and chief physician led a expert team. It has 31 medicals and nurses of which three senior titles, four intermediate grade titles and 10 nurses. It offers 40 beds and is equipped with independent ICU, the department of anaesthesia and extracorporeal circulation so that can carry out  5 heart surgeries at the same time and ensure average daily 5-7 heart surgeries .

For many years, the department keep the tenet of "first-class service, high quality, low price". Now it has completed various cardiac surgery more than 8700 cases, the average annual growth rate of surgery is more than 40%.Once it was reported many times by CCTV "dialogue" and "the economy and a half hours".  The patient come from all over the country including shanxi, shaanxi, gansu, sichuan, henan, hebei, ningxia, hubei, liaoning, guizhou and Guangdong province;The department is famous in the northwest five provinces. It takes the clinical teaching task of yanan university and xi 'an school of medicine.

The feature of department is exquisite technology, advanced equipment, preferential price, humanized management and improved postoperative rehabilitation guidance. It keeps the tenet of "cherish every service, do best one-time" to service the patient with heart disease.

The cardiovascular surgery mainly carry out the operation:

1.Congenital heart disease surgery.
2.Rrheumatic valvular heart disease surgery.
3.Coronary artery bypass surgery.
4.Vascular disease surgery, etc.

Add: cardiovascular anesthesia

It is a experienced professional cardiovascular anesthesia team that consists of 18 members of which two senior titles, 1 intermediate grade and 8 nurses.Over the years it successfully completed more than 8000 cases anesthesia of cardiovascular surgery, which there isn’t one anesthesia accident. Patients’ aged 22 days to 90 years old, smallest weight 2 kg, there are all kinds of congenital heart diseases such as atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus, trilogy of fallot, tetralogy of fallot, atrioventricular canal malformation, right ventricular dual chamber heart, double exports, pulmonary vein ectopic drainage, tricuspid atresia, pulmonary atresia, single ventricle, single atrium, cardiac tumor excision, the aortic arch narrowed and pericardial stripped, it successfully completed the anesthesia of such as aorta transposition repair, mutiple valve lesions replacement, tricuspid valve replacement and other complex congenital heart disease and heart function class III - IV difficult critically ill surgeries.

Consultation telephone: 029-88335063 (medical office), 029-88335065 (nurse station), 029-88330003 (outpatient). the telephone of Dean Yang guang: 13991367292; The assistant telephone of Dean Yang guang: 13992839098; head nurse call: 18229083528.

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