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Clinical Departments

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The mainly business of department is neurological rehabilitation ,it sents many doctors and technicians to the rehabilitation bases of Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, and Beijing Boai Hospital for receiving professional and system training,it keep contact with the above-mentioned hospital specialists in clinical and research.It offers 38 beds. It has 39 employees, two senior titles, three intermediate grade titles, two graduate students, 3 postgraduate students, 15 rehabilitation technicians and 14 nurses. They provide the most professional guidance for the   rehabilitation and prevention of each patient.

It has the department clinic, transcranial Doppler (TCD) examination rooms, wards and rehabilitation training room. The department is equipped with many advanced rehabilitation equipments: gait training device, electric stand bed, biofeedback therapy apparatus, speech therapy instrument ,scenarios treatment apparatus, low-frequency electrical stimulation treatment, sitting and bedside limb function training device, magnetic therapy machine, ultrasound, low-frequency treatment, swallowing therapy, wax therapy machine, a variety of operations and balance trainers, etc. .

The department carried out many characteristic specialty: such as the primary prevention and secondary prevention of cerebrovascular disease, chronic cerebrovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease hemiplegic limb rehabilitation; speech and swallowing dysfunction rehabilitation; neurogenic bladder, rectum rehabilitation; anxiety and depression after stroke; spinal cord injury paraplegia rehabilitation; coma after traumatic brain injury and other diseases, vegetative state awaking; encephalopathy therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation.

Tel: 029-88333022 (outpatient),029-88333126 (Medical Office),029-88332110 ( nurse office),029-88332012 (recovery room).

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