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Clinical Departments

Department Of Internal Neurology


The department of Xian High-tech hospital is National clinical key specialty construction project , Shanxi Province advantages medical specialtie and Hospital key department. Currently it offers 114 beds, including 12 neurological intensive care unit (NICU) beds. The Chief Professor is experted  Shen Dingguo ,Huang yuangiu and Zhang Li ,who are the domestic famous experts of Neurological disease. The Chief Physician Liu Jianjun is the academic leader,who is the neurologist in shaanxi province, the member of standing committee of Shanxi Medical Association credits, vice chairman of neurological disease in Shanxi Provincial Rehabilitation Medicine Professional Committee. According to the professional direction it was divided into three departments: Section 1: neurological rehabilitation, chronic cerebrovascular disease; Section 2: neuromuscular disease, neurological autoimmune diseases, incurable neurological disease,  epilepsy and children neurological diseases; 

Section 3: acute cerebrovascular disease; nerve involvement ; neurological intensive care; neurological examination room (electroencephalography( EEG), 24 hours of video EEG monitoring, TCD, electromyography (EMG), evoked potentials, transcranial magnetic stimulation examination and treatment, etc.), hyperbaric oxygen therapy room and neurology laboratory (neuromuscular pathology, immunohistochemistry, DNA extraction and Cerebrospinal fluid cytology).

Currently the department has five key professionals: 

① neuromuscular disease and neurological autoimmune diseases; 

② cerebrovascular disease and neurological involvement; 

③ neurological rehabilitation; 

④ epilepsy; 

⑤ neurological intensive care. 

Currently ,it mainly undertake the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases in Shanxi Province and nationwide some provinces and cities.

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