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Critical Care Medicine


Critical Care Medicine

Xi'an Gaoxin Hospital intensive care medicine is a department which gives the critically ill a care and teeatment, focused on critically ill patients a comprehensive organ support and testing, for blocking critical illness’ progress timely and effectively , helping critically ill patients through life juncture. The department now has the most advanced monitoring and rescue equipment , set up a skilled, experienced, excellent quality, cooperate with the tacit medical team . The existing staff of the department is 32, including two senior titles , one intermediate grade ,seven junior titles ,22 nurses.

Receive treatment types :
1.Complex critically ill patients after major surgery ;
2.Heart failure or serious arrhythmias, electrolyte imbalance ;
3.Acute myocardial infarction risk period ;
4.Critically ill patients with acute cerebrovascular disease ;
5.Multi-system organ dysfunction patients.
Bachelor of its high-tech treatment and care, advanced equipment and well-trained health care team , in the " golden moment" to provide support for the patient's life , rescue and prevention of organ failure , to create a good opportunity for the treatment of critically ill patients


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