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Blood Dialysis Room


Blood Dialysis Room

The hemodialysis room belongs to the nephrology internal medicine.It were approved as the fixed-point dialysis unit of xi 'an medical insurance and the second class qualified unit in shaanxi province in 2006. In 2011,health minister Chen zhu came our blood dialysis room for research work. It is in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the "hospital infection management method". Now it is equipped with 60 German fresenius 4008s blood dialysis machines , 5008s hemodialysis filtration machines and 35 German fresenius automatic water processors that are all made of high purity qualcomm dialysis treatment mode and KTV online detection.

The business:
1, the blood dialysis technology:
2, blood filtration technology;
3, blood perfusion technique;
4, hemodialysis union blood perfusion technology;
5, continuous blood purification treatment technology.
6, plasma exchange technology;
7, peritoneal dialysis technology.
Consultation telephone:
029-88332255 (outpatient), 029-88332195 (dialysis room)
029-88335120 (doctor's office), 029-88335008 ( nurse’s station).

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