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Clinical Departments

Department of Orthopedics


The department of orthopedics of Xi'an high-tech hospital has employed professor Wang Zhenhan, chief physician, authoritative orthopedics expert of well-known hospitals in our province, as the medical adviser. At the same time, employs a group of senior doctor working in the department of orthopedics from everywhere, it cultivates a group of professional and technical team, which has conscientious responsible working attitude and excellent technical level. In addition to all kinds of large-scale equipment in the hospital, the department is installed with the ES2000 ultrasonic Doppler blood flow detector, automatic operation microscope and large C type X machine, computerized machine of lumbar reduction, CPM rehabilitation and other orthopedics equipment.

At present, we have carried out traumatic orthopedics, hand and foot surgery, spine surgery, joint surgery, pain, rehabilitation, lumbar disc herniation specialty, orthopedics rehabilitation of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, and other businesses. We emphasize on clinical diagnosis and treatment technology of a high starting point, combine with clinical needs to carry out scientific research. To promote medical skill based on studying, to process clinical and scientific research synchronously,to construct the top discipline of orthopedics in the province,are the goals we need to achieve. According to clinical need, the department is divided into orthopedicsⅠ, orthopedics Ⅱ.

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