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Clinical Departments

International Department of Obstetrics


The department is equipped with 26 beds. It is composed of 36 staffs, among them there are 2 senior professional titles, 4 medium-grade professional titles and 26 nurses. The Departments is installed with independent electrocardiogram room, B ultrasonic room, medical guiding station, so that pregnant women from pregnancy testing, delivery to the postnatal and newborn care, from the outpatient to hospital enjoy the whole VIP service. 

The ward sets homely single rooms, two suites and three suites, equipped with maternal bed, bed for nursing personnel, sofa, computer, refrigerator, microwave oven, safe cabinet, and other high grade configuration, which make you feel at home. It sets high quality labor, labor service, guide the mothers and their families to master scientific knowledge of "confinement", breastfeeding and child care; provides prenatal guidance, psychological counseling, health education, postpartum recovery, neonatal swimming and massage and other services. senior nutritionist, a professional chef can tailor "nutrient food" that are aim at maternal physical characteristics for pregnant women, provide a variety of nourishing stew, soup, sent three dinner and three auxiliary meal to maternal bed.

Tel: 029-88335102 (doctor's Office), 029-88335068 (nurse's Office).

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