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Clinical Departments

Department of Hematology


The department of hematology of Xi'an high-tech hospital is a professional team with tidy line-up, reasonable structure, excellent quality, the appointment of professor Liang Yingmin,the former chief physician of department of hematology of Tangdu hospital,a Professor, a doctoral tutor, the member of the standing committee of hematology branch of Chinese Medical Association,the chairman of hematology Institute of Shaanxi Province, as the director of the department, which has an outpatient service and a ward of 30 common beds.

Ⅰ,Laboratory examination carried out:

1, bone marrow puncture, histochemical staining.

2, bone marrow biopsy (biopsy, plastic embedding method).

3, immunophenotype of monoclonal antibody of malignant cell of bone marrow (slide method).

4, the hemolysis test (4 items): sucrose hemolysis test, acid hemolysis test, anti human globulin hemolysis test, Rous test.

5, Rh negative blood hemolytic disease subtype anomaly identification.

6, anti platelet antibody test.

7, 4 items of blood coagulation two D- dimer detection.

8, Quantitative determination of serum ferritin, folic acid, vitamin B12. Quantitative determination of serum immune globulin. Qualitative determination of Urine Bence Jones protein.

9, chromosome examination.

determination of serum immune globulin. Qualitative determination of Urine Bence Jones protein.

10.Chromosome examination.

Ⅱ the treatment carried out:

The Department of Hematology has treated various types and some acute lymphoblastic leukemia of CML with imatinib mesylate, has standard dose, small dose, and individual treatment for various types of acute and chronic leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, has comprehensive rescue of disseminated intravascular coagulation, hemorrhage and hemolytic disease. From myeloproliferative disorder syndrome to leukemia transformation (MDS-RAEB-T) can be dealed with retinoic acid, thalidomide, Xiao Aiping, acute and chronic aplastic anemia also can be treated with the comprehensive treatment of Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Consultation telephone: 029-88330253 (outpatient) 029-8833 (doctor's Office), 029-88330253 (nurse's Office),

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