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Clinical Departments

Department of Emergency


Emergency medicine is a window unit of our hospital that undertake the emergency work of the high-tech zone and surrounding area. It’s the xi 'an high-tech substation of emergency center and the cooperated hospital (SOS) of international rescue center. The director of department is chief physician Wang xiaoyan who is the deputy director of pre-hospital emergency medical association in shaanxi province. There are 57 medicals and nurses including 2 High-level titles , 7 intermediate titles  and 34 nurses who have got strict, standard and comprehensive first aid training. We are in line with the concept of "time is life, time is heart, time is brain" to provide 24 hours high-quality service for you.

It has pre-hospital emergency department, emergency medicine, emergency surgery, emergency rescue room, emergency intensive care unit, emergency observation room, emergency treatment room, emergency dressing room and emergency operating room.The department is equipped with advanced modern guardianship system and emergency equipment to provid a good hardware security for first aid, diagnosis and treatment. It carries out fast , reasonable, effective and accurate emergency green channel:

1, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergency first aid channel

2, trauma emergency channel

3, all kinds of acute poisoning emergency channel

4, critical maternal emergency channel

5, newborn, child emergency channel

Department features:

1, Emergency vehicles start after receiving emergency calls in 3 minutes.

2, We can use real-time monitoring emergency vehicles and patients, timely grasp the dynamic development and get synchronization  information feedback through the GPS satellite communication command system. In order to cooperate with hospital emergency center  implement preparation and rescue.

3, the ambulance arrived at the scene, we san set up a small rescue station to quickly start  rescue work for patients. The emergency vehicles of our hospital thoroughly overturn ordinary ambulance single transport function and become the one which has the function of emergency treatment of mobile station.

4, when emergency green channel start, relevant departments are ready and specialized subject doctor timely formulate the plan of rescue and adjust plan through GPS command system.

5,If you will encounter the critical situation, please dial 96999 for consultation before an ambulance arrived so that our specialized doctor give you scientific guidance that can obtain more time for the effective treatment and avoid delay time.

Tel: 029-96999 (consultation telephone), 029-88330120 (emergency call).

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