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Clinical Departments

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The main feature of the department is the rescue and treatment of acute cerebrovascular disease and critically ill and the diagnosis and treatment of neurological involvement. It offers 38 beds including 12 the independent neurological intensive care unit (NICU) beds. It have a clinical experience and strong technical team and 42 employees , two senior titles, 4 intermediate grade titles and 30 nurses. It began the diagnosis and treatment of neurological involvement in 2004 , which get the first batch access from the Health Department of Shaanxi Province in October 2013.

The department carries out many advanced technologies including acute cerebral infarction, arteriovenous thrombolysis, cerebral angiography, cerebral artery stenosis stenting, aneurysm coil bolt blocking technique, arteriovenous malformation embolization and minimally invasive hematoma cerebral hemorrhage. It have stroke unit for the Stroke patient , professional ambulance, advanced magnetic resonance and other large equipments to provide 24-hour service to provide a safe and effective protection for establishing the green channel of ischemic cerebrovascular disease, so that the thrombolysis rate of ischemic cerebrovascular disease within the time window is the highest in Xi'an.

Tel: 029-88330256 (outpatient),029-88333081 (Medical Office),029-88332223 (nursing office).

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