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Convenient Measures

Convenient Measures

Management Approach Of Outpatient Refund

In order to ensure the normal outpatient medical order ,to strengthen the management of hospital charges and to further standardize the clinic refund management practices, special provisions are as follows:
1.Refunds must present two joints of the invoices together which is the second copy (invoice) and fourth joint (accounting Alliance).If the lack of a joint, we will not handle a refund (in case of outpatient special prosecutor or special treatment, need to The third show together "medicare joint").
2.Non-pharmaceutical (treatment costs, inspection fees, laboratory fees) refund:firstly the department director to be performed signe and indicate the reason for the refund;then the clinic director signature or seal;Finally the refund is applied for at the tollgate.
3.the drugs refund:the druys are in line with "drug withdrawal system" prescribed ; the pharmacy staff signature and indicate the name of the drug, dose, unit price, quantity, amount back;thirdly the clinic director signature or seal;Finally in the refunds are applied for in the fee.
4.When single invoice refund exceeds a certain amount, it is in addition to the above procedure to complete the formalities, but must meet the following conditions before refund.Invoice amount in three thousand yuans (including three thousand yuans) or more refund, examined and signed by the Finance Ministry; the invoice amount in five thousand yuans (including five thousand yuans) or more refund, after the signing of the audit by the Finance Ministry, in charge of the House leadership signature.
5.In addition to meeting the above refund management practices, UnionPay POS refund need to provide the date of the consumer CUP card.After the success of refund, its paragraph return to your card account in seven to fifteen days.
6.When the city Medicare card refund within one month, in line with the above of refund management practices , the patients need to provide the date of consumer market Medicare card.after a successful refund,your money return to own city Medicare card account on the same day .
7.Effective date of registration, the next day it will not refund and is canceled.
8.During the night and holidays, the general instead of  outpatient department director or Finance Ministry exercise duties of signature.
9.All signatures unified sign in fourth joint (accounting Union).
10.refund reference implementation of the provisions above.
If you treatment card is lost, you can hold valid documents (identity card, driving license, household, etc.) to verify information and handle loss reporting procedures in the recharging card window. As find, the card continue to use after restoring the information.When the card can not be recovered, you need to set aside pre-card information, then make up new card and pay a deposit of ¥ 5.Report the loss of the card is invalid card.

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