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Physical Examination

Physical Examination


Xian High-tech Health Hospital Medical Department is a unit of the health department of health examinationadmission diagnosis and treatment project, have medical environment, professional warm medical equipment and high-quality service, the municipal hospital in 2010 in order to score the first through the review. Relying on theadvanced undergraduate medical equipment Xi'an high-tech hospital and strong technical force, adhering to the "dedicated, professional, designed for your health" service concept, health examination, health management,medical services, health management department is committed to creating a professional in Northwest china!

The Department has more than 1000 square meters of space with the Department of physical examination physical examination, reception room, electrocardiogram room (male, female), examination room, Department of internal medicine, examination room, Department of gynaecology (male, female), surgical examination room (male, female)examination room, X-ray room, Department of breast Medical Department of ENT, Department of Ophthalmology,examination room, examination room, arteriosclerosis, bone density examination, blood examination B ultrasonic room room, nutrition evaluation, the implementation of the separation of medical examination. To carry out more than 150 professional medical projects. The existing staff of 28 people, including 4 health management division.

Department of health management in strict accordance with the Ministry of health "health management Interim Provisions" and the Chinese Medicine Health Management Association recommended health examination catalogand package requirements, scientifically set up medical projects, for groups, individuals to provide "humane care,"the professional and considerate medical services.

In recent years, the service of our customers include government, enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, foreign banks, real estate, finance, insurance and other industries more than 300000 people, average annual reception examination more than 5 people, the comprehensive strength in Xi'an medical industry come out in front!

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