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Medical Departments

Department of Nuclear Medicine


The department is a advantaged medical specialized subject in Xi'an and a professional team under the leadership of  professor  Shu Boxue who is a chief physician, graduate student mentor and the vice chairman of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging in Shaanxi Medical Association.  It  has  14  employees,  2 senior titles, 5  intermediate  grade  titles .The  department  has  beautiful environment ,two large living room type waiting halls , three VIP  reception  rooms and the service of warm and thoughtful.

 The advanced equipments: 

1.The leading international PET-CT (GE Light Speed Discovery LS-8);

2.Senior medical image analysis and processing system;

3.Automatic, self shielding medical cyclotron (MINIT race);

4.Automatic tracer synthesis system (Trace Lab), SPECT (GE MPR), thyroid function instrument, etc..

Various diagnosis and treatment projects:

1.The early diagnosis, differential diagnosis and classification of benign and malignant tumors ( whether metastasis, where metastasis , malignant degree)

2. The early diagnosis of coronary heart disease and the identification of myocardial survival is the "gold standard" in the industry,which is an important basis for the selec-tion of treatment scheme.

3. Nerve function imaging has the important value in the classification of dementia and differential diagnosis, the diagnosis and dividing the period of Parkinson's disease and the locating diagnosis of primary and intractable epilepsy.

4. Three-dimensional noninvasive angiography has reached a new height in the diagnosis of following diseases, vascular diseases(such as arteriosclerosis plaque) ,luminal stenosis and deformity, hemangiomas , aortic dissection;

5.It carries out PET-CT tumor imaging and CT noninvasive angiography 4D image fusion technology;

6.It conventionally carries out the SPECT function and imaging examination of whole body organs ;

7.It onventionally carries out the measurement of radio immunoassay and thyroid function and treat hyperthyroidism ,exophthalmos ,thyroid carcinoma and metastasis, bone metastasis, malignant hydrothorax and ascites, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and the aseptic necrosis of femoral head by radionuclide;

8.The stereotaxic and biological targets nuclide therapy of various malignant tumors.

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