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Clinical Departments

Department of Ophthalmology


The department is composed of a medical team with  rich clinical experience. It has  8 employees and sets up diagnosis room, ultrasonic examination room,  amblyopia therapeutic room, visual electrophysiological examination room and therapeutic room . The department is equipped with advanced medical equipments, such as fundus fluorescein angiography  system ,fundus laser machine, the latest multi focal visual electrophysiological examination equipment, A/ B ultrasound  with  the function of vitreous enhancement ,surgical microscope,computer refractometer,  corneal curvature meter and quantitative perimeter. Meanwhile it also is equipped with synoptophore, hand-held slit lamp and computer optometry instrument for children's vision care,has the complete equipment of baby visual inspection.

The main business:

1.Cataract phacoemulsification , small incision extra capsular cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation;

2.Various intraocular and outside of the eye surgery including  glaucoma, retinal detachment, ptosis, strabismus , etc.

3.Noninvasive intubation treatment for lacrimal duct obstruction.

4.Using the method of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine to treat all kinds of fundus diseases , retinal artery and vein  oclusion,retinal,vasculitis, hypertension, and diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and optic neuritis.

5.Eye medical cosmetic surgery : double eyelid surgery ,open canthus operation , cut eyebrow surgery, cut bags under the eyes operation.

6.Carry out  the followimg projects : medical optometry,  the amblyopia  screening of preschool children, children strabismus and the intervention of adolescent myopia;

7.he  treatment of ocular trauma.

Tel: 029-88332025, 029-88332016 (outpatient)

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