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Clinical Departments

Department of Neonatology


Neonatal department of Xi'an high-tech hospital , whose chief expert is the famous expert, chief physician, Professor Dai Ying Da, has a team of professional staff whose aim is neonatal disease research and treatment. It is composed of 33 staffs, among them there are 2 senior professional titles, 5 medium-grade professional titles and 20 nurses. The department sets 25 beds, equipped with the observation room, resuscitation room, premature ventricular, recovery room and isolation room. We have perfect instrument configuration, such as free oxygen mixer, bubble type CPAP, British EME and Stephanie CPAP, bird SIPAP noninvasive bi level ventilation, the German Stephanie Sophie high frequency oscillatory multi-function ventilator, giraffe multifunctional warm box, transport incubator, USA estate Omeida and Japanese radiation and Taiwan warm box, multi function monitor, Masim pulse oxygen analyzer, blood gas analyzer, LED Blu ray treatment, percutaneous oxygen saturation measuring instrument, digital oxygen concentration meter, Japaness and domestic micro infusion pump and other sophisticated equipment.

The scope of business:

1, neonatal resuscitation.

2, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and intracranial hemorrhage rescue and rehabilitation therapy.

3, premature and very low birth weight (super) treatment of children, including super, very low birth weight infant survival rate is >90%, the minimum weight for 770g survivors,

Minimum gestational age was 27 weeks.

4, pulmonary surfactant and ventilator comprehensive treatment of respiratory distress syndrome, meconium aspiration syndrome.

5, Comprehensive treatment and blood transfusion therapy of neonatal pathologic jaundice and diagnosis and treatment of neonatal septicemia.

6, newborn hearing screening.

7, Diagnosis and treatment of other common diseases, difficult and complicated diseases and critically ill neonates.

Consultation telephone: 029-88333031 (doctor's Office), 029-88333033 (nurse's Office),

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