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Clinical Departments

Obstetrics departmentⅡ


The department is equipped with 40 beds. It is composed of 28 staffs, among them there are 1 senior professional titles, 5 medium-grade professional titles and 17 nurses. The ward is installed with independent bathroom, 24 hour hot and cold water supply.

The advantageous project we carried out: prenatal diagnosis of pregnant women nutritional counseling and guidance, prepotency consultation and training, monitoring and management of high risk pregnancy, placental function monitoring, labor analgesia, umbilical cord blood stem cell collection and storage. Difficult miscellaneous diseases treatment, especially for intrahepatic cholestasis, ABO incompatibility, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes,pregnancy merge heart disease and other pregnancy complication ,and the treatment of dystocia and the diagnose and treatment of breast diseases, in which we have rich clinical experience.

24 hours service telephone: 029-88335002 (doctor's Office), 029-88335122 (nurse's Office).

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