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Clinical Departments

1, A branch Of It


It has 24 employees including 3 senior titles, 2 intermediate titles, 1 doctoral tutor, 2 master tutors, 6 masters of medicine, 2 undergraduate masters of medicine,14 nurses, All the medical staff provide considerate and meticulous service for patients.

It offers 25 ordinary beds and 3 CCU  sickbeds. The department has a series of advanced medical equipments: such as Oxford 24-hour dynamic electrocardiogram machine (Holter), 24 hours ambulatory blood pressure meter, Medtronic defibrillation apparatus, cardiovascular imaging, temporary pacemaker, 10 sets of the medical monitoring equipment created by United States HP, G60 color doppler flow imaging diagnostic instrument created by Germany's Siemens, Philip center monitoring system (bedside monitoring and remote monitoring), the United States hewlett-packard SONOS - 5500 cardiac color doppler imaging device and cardiac radiofrequency ablation instrument.

The main business of department are all kinds of heart disease interventional diagnosis and treatment (Coronary heart disease’s interventional diagnosis and treatment, rapid arrhythmia’s radiofrequency ablation surgery, tardy arrhythmia’s pacemaker surgery, congenital heart disease’s intervention closure, the aortic dissection endovascular stent treatment etc.)The department can carry out the conventional diagnosis and treatment of rescuing and treating acute and chronic heart failure, hypertensive crisis, myocardial and pericardial diseases. 

Consultation telephone: 029-88330239 (outpatient), 029-88333019 (doctor office), 029-88333006 (nurse station).

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